Anodize Repair Options

We are often asked what options there are to repair damaged anodize. The answer depends on a number of factors. The first step is to assess the damage, is it the part plasma damaged, is it fully conductive, partially conductive or non conductive?

The answer to those questions will provide for a starting basis. If the damaged area is fully conductive, we can spot anodize it without too much trouble. We will simply mask around the rest of the part and anodize the damaged location. Generally the cost for this will be under $500. 

The second type of defects involve either plasma damage or partially or wholly non conductive damaged areas. These parts will require extensive rework and mechanical finishing. 

As such there is no standard price given. The good news is that even with the higher cost, it’s almost always cheaper than having a new part machined and re-anodized. The one consideration for OEMs and machine shops is that tolerances need to be taken into account. The process will cause the dimensional change to be ~50% of the anodize thickness. For more information about the refurbishment process and spot anodization, please visit our refurb page under services or you can email