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Anodizing Applications and Uses

Anodizing Users

Anodizing is the process that creates an aluminum oxide coating that is fully integrated with the aluminum substrate. This aluminum oxide coating is well regarded as the go to for many industries. In this article, we’ll list some of the properties of anodized aluminum and their respective uses in different industries.


Architecture: Architecture has long used anodized aluminum to provide superior weather resistance because of the corrosion resistance and easy cleaning provided by anodizing. Beyond this, anodized aluminum is attractive and strong, capable of replacing low strength steel.


Outdoor Products: Any outdoor products typically require protection from the environment and abrasion resistance for when something is dropped or scratched. Fortunately, anodizing offers both of these benefits and allows for a strong, lightweight product. Some examples include tent poles, paintball markers, and even camping chairs.

Aerospace: Whether in space or aerospace, the same properties that make anodizing attractive in outdoor use, make it attractive in aerospace. Lightweight materials like aluminum with corrosion resistance are highly desired in many aerospace applications from satellites to fighter jets.

High-tech Applications: Some firms like Semano are pushing towards more innovative uses of the aluminum oxide coating (In addition to the traditional applications). For years we have worked with the semiconductor companies Applied Materials and Lam Research for their use in the creation of chips. Beyond this, we look forward to creating nanostructures that support copper nanowires and nickel nanowires that find use in energy storage as well as looking at the developing uses for medical technology.


As you can see, anodizing finds many uses in very different industries based on the properties it offers. As aluminum continues to replace much heavier materials like steel, we will likely continue to see more and more uses for anodized aluminum.

If you think of an innovative use of anodized aluminum and are looking for someone to anodize your prototype, feel free to contact us. We offer very competitive pricing, technical support, and great customer service.