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Anodizing Services

At Semano, we are primarily an anodize company and as a result, offer a wide variety of anodizing services. These anodize services break down starting with what type of metal you will be anodizing. While aluminium is usually the most common metal to be anodized, Titanium can also be anodized at well. Since Semano only offers aluminium anodizing services, we will cover those:

Aluminium Anodizing Services:

Milspec 8625 – General Purpose Anodizing:

When we get a job in with no defined criteria other than hardcoat or cleacoat we will default to the Milspec which offers great general-purpose anodize parameters. Our anodize process control can control process parameters much tighter than Milspec, but for general use, it works well. Milspec is generally broken down into types and classes. Type 2 refers to clear coat, which accepts dye readily and is used typically for cosmetic applications. Type 3 on the other hand, refers to hard coat which is more functional anodize that can be used for engineering or outdoor applications.

ASTM B580 – 79

This is another general-purpose anodize spec, but is used more infrequently. Because it is a looser spec, we prefer not to anodize by it as it leaves much up open to interpretation. We prefer certain parameters like acceptance criteria to be specified which ensures that customers are aligned with us on what is acceptable and what is not.

Customer Specific Specs:

Many of our customers have their own specific specifications that they like us to anodize to. We generally have no issue with this as long as the criteria is acceptable to us and not overly vague or beyond our control capabilities. A few common customer-specific specifications we offer are Applied Materials 39693, LAM Research 091770, AKT 71271

Beyond those specifications, it is also worth noting that a final anodizing service we have is for oxalic anodize. Most companies only offer sulfuric anodize, but we are one of the few remaining that offer oxalic which can offer some very unique properties such as low surface roughness and high dielectric strength. For more information, we welcome you to contact us.