23 Apr: High Dialectric Strength Anodizing

Dielectric strength of anodized is typically measured in how many volts per mil it takes to penetrate the anodize coating and get to the conductive aluminum underneath.  With traditional anodizing, most anodizers can only achieve around 500 volts per mil.

Hard Anodize

16 Apr: Hard Coat Anodize

Hard coat anodize is Semano’s most popular service – and for good reason. Hard coat has characteristics that are often highly desired including substantially increased hardness, better corrosion resistance, better dielectric strength, thicker coating, better wear resistance and more. Oddly enough, despite these features, hard anodize is actually a much smaller market than clear coat. One reason for this is processing hard coat anodize is much more technically challenging than clear coat.

Clear Coat Anodize

08 Apr: Clear Coat Anodize

Clear coat anodize is a very common type of anodize that, as the name suggests, is typically clear. Clear coat anodize is most commonly used for cosmetic or architectural applications where corrosion resistance and “look” is of primary concern. Clear anodize has large pores which is why it typically appears to be transparent as you can essentially see through the anodize. Given its large pore structure, clear anodize is typically the best candidate to accept dye. Dyed clear coat will look much truer to the dye than hard coat anodize for that very reason. 


03 Apr: Anodizing Services

At Semano, we are primarily an anodize company and as a result, offer a wide variety of anodizing services. These anodize services break down starting with what type of metal you will be anodizing. While aluminium is usually the most common metal to be anodized, Titanium can also be anodized at well. Since Semano only offers aluminium anodizing services, we will cover those:


01 Apr: Mil-A-8625F Anodizing

In this video, we cover the different types of Mil8625 anodize and also the different classes and what Semano offers. This video is very basic and we will dive in deeper into the Milspec in future videos. 

Semano Building

03 Apr: Our Anodizing Facility

Our anodizing facility is comprised of two buildings and over 24,000 square feet and is strategically located in Hayward, CA. This location allows us to serve the silicon valley markets effectively, but also close enough for customers located in Livermore to have easy access to our facility.


25 Feb: California Anodizers

When looking for a California anodizer, there are a variety of factors that go into making your decision. The first factor any machine shop or OEM will want to verify is that the California anodizer offers the services that you require. Do you need a 3 mil anodize coating? Perhaps you need black or gold dye. You’ll want to verify that the anodizing company, in fact, offers these services. 


13 Feb: AMAT and LAM Anodizing

We often get asked if we are approved for LAM and AMAT anodizing. Since we primarily support the semiconductor market, we are approved not only for anodizing for LAM research and AMAT (Applied Materials), but for Chemical Cleaning, Selective Nickel Plating, Teflon, Bead Blasting, Black Dye, and Masking. It’s our multiple processes available in one location that really sets us apart. We are the one stop shop for most metal finishing needs.