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AX-200 Anodize Coating

After over a year in development, Semano is excited to share it’s new proprietary coating AX-200. Traditional Type 3 anodize can withstand about 2 hours of dilute HCL before penetrating through the coating and attacking the bare aluminum. Our new AX-200  coating, by contrast, can withstand over 50 hours before any signs of failure are visible. Further, the dielectric strength of this coating is around 4x that of traditional sulfuric anodize.

Use Cases: Given the increased cost and limited tank capacity, we recommend this coating for applications where performance is paramount and the surface area is limited. Grain boundaries are also more visible using this coating which means that it won’t be suited for cosmetic applications if large grain boundaries present.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more information on this process, but we welcome those interested to contact us for more information.