25 Jan: 10 R&D Lessons Learned in 10 Weeks

Ten weeks ago, I became involved with Semano’s R&D team in order to further drive process improvements. Since today marks my tenth week leading the team, I thought I’d reflect on some lessons learned (often the hard way).

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02 Nov: Introduction to Semano

This is the first video in our new weekly video blog from President of Semano, Frank Largusa. In this video Frank will give a brief overview of Semano including our processes and strengths. Below is a transcript from the video.


20 Sep: Choosing a Bay Area Anodizer

Choosing the right company to anodize your parts is critically important. Choosing the wrong company can result in wasted time, loss of income, and even disqualification from an OEM. Here are some basic things you should look for when selecting a bay area anodizer.