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California Anodizers

When looking for a California anodizer, there are a variety of factors that go into making your decision. The first factor any machine shop or OEM will want to verify is that the California anodizer offers the services that you require. Do you need a 3 mil anodize coating? Perhaps you need black or gold dye. You’ll want to verify that the anodizing company, in fact, offers these services.

Next, quality comes into play. Find out what their defect rate is. A high defect rate can result a large loss of profit due to scrap. The best California anodizing companies not only have a low defect rate, but also know how to fix a part without having to scrap it.

The two final considerations are lead times and cost. Naturally, high quality anodizers command a higher cost than low quality ones. Despite this added cost, usually it is made up for in terms of less rejects, more on time deliveries, and faster lead times.

At Semano, we specialize in high end anodizing, but welcome any type of project. Our lead times can be found on our lead times pages and our prices are generally in line with our competitors. We encourage you to shop around, but are confident that no one can be our combination, or quality, speed, and price.

Perhaps what sets us apart though, is our engineering support. We are happy to work with our customers to address any challenges that they may be having. To find out a bit more about us, we give us a call at: (510) 489-2360