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Chemical Cleaning

What is Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a process that removes unwanted contaminants from a part. Typically, parts that undergo chemical cleaning are critical in nature where the contaminants of almost any size become problematic. This process can involve just water or chemicals designed to remove contaminants. 

Our clean room is rated as a class 1000 and our packaging bench is class 100. We have a variety of processes available depending on the need including a high purity, all water process. Below is a list of specifications that we commonly process:

Benefits of Chemical Cleaning

  • Highly attractive part cosmetics
  • Particle reduction
  • Removal of machining residue

Chemical Cleaning Specs Supported

  • Qualified LAM Specs: 508-097925-001, 202-035416-001, 202-035416-002, 202-048286-001, 2020-078779-001, and 202-055007-001.
  • Various AMAT Clean Specs