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Choosing a Bay Area Anodizer

Choosing the right company to anodize your parts is critically important. Choosing the wrong company can result in wasted time, loss of income, and even disqualification from an OEM. Here are some basic things you should look for when selecting a bay area anodizer.

1. Are they approved by your OEM?

Some machine shops mistakenly think they can select whichever anodize shop they like, but this is not the case. Using a non-approved supplier from an OEM can result in disqualification. Therefore, if you are not the OEM yourself, check and see if your OEM has specific suppliers that require to perform the anodizing work. If they do, use that as your starting point. Keep in mind that different suppliers are approved for different specs. Confirm that the anodizer is also approved for the spec that you need. For reference, Semano is approved for LAM, Applied, Milspec and more for a variety specs.

2. How long have they been in the anodizing industry?

New operations come with more risk. It’s better to work with a supplier that has been in the industry for many years. The experience gives the supplier the ability to troubleshoot if things go wrong and can even advise you on how to improve your practices if necessary. Moreover, an established supplier is not as likely to suddenly go out of business as we have seen before. A sudden loss of your anodizing can be devastating as you scramble

3. Have they worked in your industry before?

Most anodizers have their specialty. Semano’s is in the semiconductor industry and in custom jobs like R&D parts where quality is absolutely vital. Ensure the supplier you choose has experience in the industry that you are in. Doing so will typically result in better pricing and less defects.

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