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High Dialectric Strength Anodizing

Dielectric strength of anodized is typically measured in how many volts per mil it takes to penetrate the anodize coating and get to the conductive aluminum underneath.  With traditional anodizing, most anodizers can only achieve around 500 volts per mil. One service that makes Semano unique is its high dialectric strength anodizing service. Using our proprietary method, we can achieve around 2k volts per mil. In addition, the coating features very high corrosion resistance that is around double that of our typical hard coat anodize. The service was developed for applications that needed to withstand very high voltage, specifically for the semiconductor industry.

Dielectric strength is a combination of a variety of factors, including applied amperage, voltage, ramp speed, and more. After extensive R&D work, we selected the best performing parameters in each category to create this new “High Voltage” coating. For more information, please contact us via our request a quote page.