31757 Knapp St, Hayward, CA 94544

Introduction to Semano

This is the first video in our new weekly video blog from President of Semano, Frank Largusa. In this video Frank will give a brief overview of Semano including our processes and strengths. Below is a transcript from the video.

Good morning.
I am Frank Largusa, the president of Semano Inc.
If you are viewing this you arrived at the Semano blog.
We will be using this Blog space to share what is happening at Semano.
Let me introduce you to Semano.
We are a functional engineering anodize company in Hayward, CA.
We were founded in 1993 by Hans Sellge, Jose Dacorro, Terry Dillon and me.
Together, we have served the Metal finishing industry for over 130 years. That
doesn’t mean we are old, but that we bring years of experience to our
partnerships with you.
What does a “Functional engineering company mean” ? Semano allows your
requirements and that of the industries we serve, to drive our process
improvement, seek solutions to your challenges and ours and improve Quality,
What are Semano’s strengths:
Multiple processes in one facility:

  • Anodize Type 2, 3, Oxalic, Clear, Black and Gold, and a R & D anodize tank
  • Chemical cleaning in a Class 1000 cleanroom, with Class 100 packaging
  • Selective Nickel plating: providing Nickel plating on just the locations you
  • Critical and complex masking for all our wet processes, but primarily on
    Anodize and Selective Nickel
  • Proprietary T4000 teflon coatings over your substrate or our Anodize and
  • Electropolish and passivation
  • A part refurbishment department with mechanical finishing and
  • 75 certified, dedicated and tenured employees prepared to serve you and
    your most challenging metal finishing requirements
  • Bay area anodizing services, strategically located.

What are Semano’s weaknesses? I’ll answer that question next month.