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What is Masking

Often times a part requires anodization, but certain features are to remain bare aluminum. Often times threads or O ring grooves are required to be bare aluminium for conductivity or other purposes. In order to keep a certain area bare, the area must not be exposed to acid during the anodization process.

We call the process of covering these areas so as to not expose them to the acid, masking. In general, masking is one of the most complex processes as it requires excellent comprehension of engineering prints and also very precise application of maskants. Here at Semano we consider masking to be one of our greatest competitive advantages. Our highly trained masking staff is regularly sought after to complete jobs deemed to difficult by other companies.

At Semano we use masking for other applications as well such as selective nickel plating which, similar to anodize, requires that only a particular surface is to be nickel plated. Companies interested in our masking service for either anodize or nickel plating are encouraged to give us a call or contact us via our website.


Masking Benefits

  • Retention of bare aluminium for nickel plating
  • Retention of bare aluminium for conductivity