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New Anodizing Line Intro – Overcoming Capacity Challenges

In this video we discuss Semano’s weakness, or more accurately, capacity challenges. We give an overview of the new anodizing line and what implications it has for our capacity.


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This is Frank Largusa, the president of Semano Inc. During our last BLOG I mentioned that I would share a Semano weakness

From 2016 to 2018 our customer base achieved 23 consecutive months, of growth. Our weakness proved to be our limited capacity.

Because of that, our exciting, but very serious challenge was figuring out a way to support this business increase without extending our leadtimes or sacrificing quality.

  • The first part of that challenge was figuring out where do we put all the parts and staff new staff. In order to address this we acquired an adjacent building that would not only provide that storage, but also facilitate a smooth transfer of parts between buildings.
  • We also improved our warehousing, part staging and part movement resulting in less wasted time and a more efficient operation.
  • Finally, we added a swing shift to allow for more operating hours and more parts processed per day.

These improvements allowed us to double our throughput without compromising quality as we were fortunate to have established a robust training and certification program, that allowed us to rapidly onboard new staff and ensure they only worked on parts based on skill level.

Despite this increased capacity, as time progressed, we found that we were still unable to keep up with demand which ultimately led to the decision to create a second processing line which has allowed us to double our Anodizing capacity again and double our Selective Nickel plating capacity.

Thanks to these new lines, not only has our capacity increased, but our ability to process larger parts has increased dramatically. We can now handle parts up to 48 x 48 x 60.

Let’s go take a look. Show new anodize line and Nickel line

Please consider Semano for your next or most challenging project.