31757 Knapp St, Hayward, CA 94544

Our Anodizing Facility

Location and facility

Our anodizing facility is comprised of two buildings and over 24,000 square feet and is strategically located in Hayward, CA. This location allows us to serve the silicon valley markets effectively, but also close enough for customers located in Livermore to have easy access to our facility.

Benefits of single source metal finishing

One thing that separates our facility from many others is our multiple processes located in one facility. Beyond simply avoiding shipping costs and time delays, this multiple process approach reduces the headaches associated with dealing with multiple suppliers. For example, when something goes wrong, too often the suppliers will blame the other for the problem instead of being solution oriented. On the other hand, if you use just one metal finishing supplier, the supplier will not only be able to troubleshoot the problem more effectively since they have more complete information but also be able to take responsibility for any problems that come up. This makes resolving issues much more simple and avoids forcing the OEM into a referee of sorts.


Semano currently offers anodizing, selective nickel plating, black dye, Epolish, chemical cleaning, teflon, passivation, and a few other minor services.


We have recently completed our new anodizing line that will allow us to anodize and seal much larger parts. In addition to this, we are currently in the works of obtaining a larger ultrasonic tank that will again, allow to clean significantly larger parts.

If you are a machine shop or OEM looking for high quality anodize, we encourage you to reach out to us and discuss your project.

Tank Sizes:

Sulfuric Anodize: 96x54x49

Oxalic Anodize: 43x48x44