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Clear Coat Anodize

Clear Coat Anodize (Type 2)

Clear coat anodize is usually around .3 mils to 1.2 mils thick. While it is has less corrosion and wear resistant than type 3, it can be dyed and can allow anodization of threads. Expect a clean silver look for clear coat, much like a Macbook. 

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Hard Coat Anodize (Type 3)

Hard coat anodize is performed at lower temperatures and higher voltages. These factors create a much stronger and thicker anodize layer. Expect high corrosion resistance and dielectric strength, along with a matte black finish. 

AX200 Anodize


AX200 is our proprietary coating that maximizes corrosion resistance and dielectric strength. Internal tests show about 10x corrosion resistance and 2x dielectric strength. Depending on the alloy used, color will range from dark gray to black.


Dyed and Teflon Anodize

Along with the other anodize processes mentioned here. We also can dye or apply teflon over the anodize layer to give either color and lubrication properties, depending on the required application. 

Approved LAM Anodize Specs

Approved Applied Materials Anodize Specs

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