Chemical Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process


Pre-Anodize Clean

Any aluminium part that we anodize will go through our pre-anodize clean process which consists of a heavy degreaser, an etchant, and an acid rinse. This process will remove almost all macro contaminants.


18 Mega Ohm Post Rinse

After anodize, the part will be thoroughly rinse with out 18 mega ohm DI water, ensuring there will be no part staining from entrapped acid and leaving a pristine anodize surface. 


Chemical Cleaning

After extensive post anodize rinsing, parts can undergo micro contaminant cleaning via our chemical cleaning process in our Class 1000 clean room. If parts are to be subsequently clean room packaged they will often then be baked in our clean room oven to drive out moisture.


Clean Room Packaging

Post chemical cleaning, parts are then packaged in our class 100 packaging bench. Various packaging options are available such as poly and nylon bags, bulk packaging for reduced cost, double bagging and more. 

Approved Lam Research Chemical Cleaning Specs

Approved Applied Materials Chemical Cleaning Specs

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