Part Refurbishment

Anodize Part Refurbishment


Whole Part Refurb

When a part has reached the end of its life cycle, instead of re-machining the part, we can strip off the old anodize (as well as plasma if needed) and recoat it with anodize.


Spot Anodization

In many instances, only a small section or pinhole in the anodize needs to be fixed. This cost effective solution allows for a cheaper alternative to whole part refurb.

Why Choose our Refurbishment Process

Anodize Refurb FAQ

Anodize part refurbishment is a complex process that many people are understandably curious about. The first question people ask is usually can anodized parts even be refurbished? The answer is…usually.

Tolerances need to be such that they allow for rework. Anodize is 50% penetration and 50% buildup, so to that end, stripping off and re-anodizing will result in a net loss of 50% of the original anodize thickness.

Another common question is can the anodized part be reworked if there is plasma exposure? We have a process of removing plasma exposed parts, safely and effectively. After removal, the anodize is stripped and re-anodized.

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