January 11, 2023
Mil-Spec 8625 Anodizing

L-DTL-8625, or MIL-Spec 8625, is a military specification that outlines the requirements for the finishing of aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces. It is used by the military and aerospace industries to ensure that parts and equipment are able to withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. Semano offers Mil-Spec anodizing as one of our most popular spec options.

The MIL-Spec 8625 covers three different types of finishes: Type I, Type II, and Type III.

Type I, also known as “chromate conversion coating,” involves the application of a thin film of chromium to the surface of the aluminum. This provides a high level of corrosion resistance, as well as improved adhesion for paint and other coatings.

Type II, also known as “anodizing,” involves the formation of a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum through a process of electrolysis. This layer is highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and it is also non-conductive and electrically insulating. It is able to withstand high temperatures and is resistant to UV radiation, making it ideal for use in outdoor and high-stress environments.

Type III, also known as “hardcoat anodizing,” is similar to Type II anodizing, but the aluminum oxide layer is much thicker and harder. This provides an even higher level of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and it is often used on parts that will be subjected to high levels of stress or wear.

In order to meet the requirements of MIL-Spec 8625, parts must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before the finishing process. They must also be tested to ensure that they meet the required standards for corrosion resistance, adhesion, and other properties.

MIL-Spec 8625 is widely used in the military and aerospace industries, as well as in other sectors where parts and equipment must be able to withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. It is an important tool for ensuring that finished products are of the highest quality and are able to meet the demanding requirements of these industries.


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