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Our primary and most advanced service, we offer a variety of anodization types including Military Spec, Oxalic, Sulfuric, Hard coat, 2 and 3 mil jobs, and more.


Need only certain parts of a product anodized or nickel plated? No problem. Our highly trained staff is capable of masking even the most complex features.

Chemical Cleaning

Utilizing our class 1000 clean room and a class 100 bench, we can clean and package a variety of materials.


We offer AT400 Semano’s proprietary Teflon coating for erosion and lubricity control on anodized and selective nickel parts.

Selective Nickel Plating

Our dedicated Nickel Department offers selective nickel plating which can also be used in conjunction with anodizing for critical parts.

Technical Support

Our engineers are ready to assist you with your project from design review to troubleshooting to qualifications.

Industries Served

Our services find applications in many industries. The defining characteristics between them are the highly technical, low volume, high mix jobs.


Corrosion resistance and reliability of equipment are key for Aerospace. Our hard coat anodizing is well suited for these purposes.


Our processes are well suited for small, critical parks used in automotive applications, particularly those in electric vehicles.


Our primary market is in semiconductors; our technical masking and attention to detail is second to none and as a result have won the business of the largest semiconductor OEMs.


Like Aerospace, equipment reliability and durability is paramount. Our anodized coatings are far superior to any chemical coatings in terms of performance and longevity.

Oil & Gas

From critical valves to pumps, our coatings will bring superior performance to required parts.


With the expanding field of medical technology, we are ready to deliver high performance coatings to meet your specified requirements.


Our high performance coatings provide the corrosion resistance you need to ensure longevity of parts and safety to patients.

Custom Jobs

Need our anodizing services in an industry not listed? No problem. Our lean processes allow us to adapt to almost any custom jobs.

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Strategically located in Silicon Valley, we are able to offer our Bay Area customers incredibly fast transit times at significantly lower costs than competitors.

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